Any organisation that is involved in the provision of financial services to third parties needs to consider Bankers Blanket Bond insurance. This includes all financial institutions, investment managers and investment funds. The cover provided protects the balance sheet against fraud against an organisation and, particularly for larger organisations, further comfort that funds and property are adequately safeguarded.

Bankers Blanket Bond insurance (also known as Crime insurance) provides protection against the direct financial loss sustained as a result of:

Employee infidelity
The physical loss of property on premises and in transit
The forgery and alteration of monetary instruments and other documents of value
Computer and cyber fraud as well as fraudulent electronic funds payments

Key Benefits

  • Tailor Made Plans
  • DHA & HAAD Approved Plans
  • Combined Plan For All Salary Range
  • Complete Guides For Product Selection
  • Product Guide For Each Staff
  • Online & Offline Support For Smooth Functioning Of Policy

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